Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Favourites of the Year - Round 1

Last year I decided to pick my ten favourite cards from the previous year and of course I wanted to do that again this year. The problem. Ten is too few! There were so many projects that made my heart sing and made me smile that I decided to not worry about the number count and just show you my top picks.

I want to thank all these magnificent crafters for bringing beauty, happiness and inspiration into our worlds with their small pieces of art. Thank you ladies!

Gorgeous dragonflies by Aga

A simple beauty by Alice

Love this peacock by Alice

Barb's layered ferns and bold red flowers are beautiful

Perfect distressing by Carole

Love the ferns on this, also by Carole

Heather's multitude of colourful butterflies and wavy sewing are perfection

Fabulous design by Isha

The background colours by Jennifer are magnificent against the black images

Jenny's mass of butterflies are amazing

Jill's red background looks fabulous against the ferns

Another red beauty by Jill

The background is so soft and pretty on this card by Joy

Please stop by tomorrow to see round two!


  1. Love this idea, Sue and I am honored to be among your favorites. Thank you! There are many on your list that are faves of mine too!

  2. Oh what a fantastic idea Sue, loving this idea as we forget sometimes what we have even created ourselves, thanks for sharing my card, you are a gem, love it!

  3. i am so honored to be listed amongst these talented ladies! thank you so much, Sue! i love what you have picked. i think i am so lucky to be able to see so many amazing cards in the past year and thanks for doing this. it's a treat to see them all in one place! =)

  4. Sue, I don't think I'd be able to whittle it down to 10 cards either - I have hundreds in my favourites! I was surprised and honoured to see that you had included one of my cards on your list:) Loved seeing the wonderful cards you picked. Thank YOU for inspiring me through the year with your fab creations!

  5. How fun to post favorites of your crafty friends, these are all so wonderful!

  6. Thanks for choosing my card Sue. I am so honored. Saw this post


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