Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Good, The Bad & The Not So Pretty

I received a few stamps from the lovely Lisa Carroll and decided I needed to ink them up right away (the good).

Before I went to bed I had inked up a lace stamp with Hero Arts Iris Chalk Ink on a piece of purple vellum and when I came back to it in the morning the image had bled and distorted and gave me a weird looking background with no lace image visible (the bad).

Here it is on the card.

Well I decided to use that background anyway and embossed Hero Arts Lattice image ontop of the bad looking background and I kind of like how it turned out (the good).

But then I took pictures of my card and I couldn't get the colours to be true. Do you ever make a card that just not photograph well? I get a few of those every year and todays card is one of those (the not so pretty).

The purple is a little too vivid and the felt flower is not that bright, it's actually the same colour as the lace.

But I didn't let any of these things stop me from posting my card.  That 's just the way things are sometimes...

So I'm submitting this card for the Moxie Fab Doilies & Lace Challenge and the Simon Says Anything Goes Challenge.

And that is my tale of The Good, The Bad & The Not So Pretty!

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  1. I know what you mean about not able to take photo of a card to show the true colour Sue! It's so frustrating isn't it?! But I like how your card turned out, it's really pretty. The background is awesome! I bet it's one of those you couldn't duplicate evne if you want to! :)

  2. I think the finished card is so pretty! Just love that lattice background. And good for you for not giving up on the 1st attempt! I have the hardest time photographing shades of purple; never looks true to life.

  3. Actually I think your background is quite gorgeous. You made me feel better about my cards...sometimes I hesitate to post something, but I made myself a promise...I would admit where I 'messed up', and maybe someone will give me a comment to help. My photography is terrible, so I usually end up just scanning, and that doesn't give a true color either. Thanks for giving an amateur some hope that even the experts sometimes have a 'bad-card' day. BUT I don't think you really had a bad card day!!! TFS

  4. I've had those not so good photographing days and you just say "What the hey" and get it over with by posting it. Even though it's not the true color, love the card:)

  5. The mottled look of the background is very attractive, Sue! The card turned out quite nicely, even if the photo didn't show the colors in the right tone.

  6. Amazing how a craft boo-boo can turn into something beautiful, Sue! That lattice stamped over the bg looks fabulous!!

  7. Isn't it crazy how those kinds of accidents can turn out so well? Your card is gorgeous! The embossing on the lattice is *perfect*!

  8. I love how your background turned out, Sue! It looks like a subtle yet gorgeous tie-dye effect. And it goes so well with the pretty flower and lace. I totally understand on trying to photograph cards in their true colors. Gets you all flustered inside.

    Hope you have a great week!

  9. I don't see any bad & the card is gorgeous - if the photography is off then it must be exceptionally gorgeous in real life :) x

  10. Your post makes me smile, Sue!I agree with the good and bad part, but I do not agree with the "not so pretty" part! It is absolutely gorgeous! That's why handmade cards are unique! In fact, the various shades of purple in the background are lovely!It has beautiful balance and textures! See? It all depends on how you look at it! Nevertheless, I love how you describe your creative process!


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